Dated Retail Space Transformed Into Modern Coffee Shop

Formerly a 500 sq. ft. retail unit, this unit was expanded to 1,500 square feet. This project included extensive retro-fitting of electrical and mechanical systems for the 30+ year-old center. The wider scope of work for the center included major rehabilitation of electrical rooms, and electrical distribution as well as multiple phases of mechanical system alterations.

Fire Rehabilitation of Commercial Retail Building

This project was an insurance claim resulting from a fire that severly damaged a 7,500 square foot building. The General Works contract for this project was gradually expanded to include new Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire systems.  The project also included a large commercial kitchen, an additional building with a walk-in cooler, structural steel reinforcement, standing seam roofs and rehab of electrical rooms and distribution. 

This scope of work of this project also included extensive paperwork and technical expertise. This includes, but not limited to, design/build services, cost-engineering, and insurance claim coordination.

Urban Chic Boutique Fitness Studio


This 2,400 square foot unit was damaged by a fire in an connecting unit. The fit-out scope of work included new MEPF systems and fixtures. All millwork was custom-fabricated on-island and installed according to strict client requirements.


Clean, Functional Community Space

The interior fit-out of the Chabad Jewish Community Center at Seven Mile Shops included general works and MEPF. In addition fit-out scope of works, this 2,000 square foot double-unit required extensive rehab excavation of the slab for plumbing, leveling of sub-floors, and rehab of existing demising walls and store-fronts.


The porte cochere construction required Chad Horwitz to build a foundation perfectly leveled at an accurate height to facilitate the installation of off island prefabricated steel work. All embedments were surveyed and were correctly positioned for steel erection. The roof of the porte cochere was built with an upstand beam with hidden drainage running down the inside of the columns feeding the plants under the porte cochere with water. Upon completion with the Porte Cochere, a new driveway made of pavers were laid giving the front entrance to the Caribbean Club a finer appeal.

10 Year Refurbishment Works

We undertook a number of rehabilitation works at the Caribbean Club. This included the repainting of the entire exterior, laying new paver walkways around the property, and installing new mechanical ducting and ventilation systems. We were able to exceed the requirements of management. All works were completed with minimal disruptions while the hotel remained occupied by guests.

We Set Projects Up to Succeed

We have been involved dozens of heavy equipment and civil works projects. Our many projects include infrastructure creation for residential housing developments, civil works for public projects and site prep for condominium towers.



The Kimpton Sea Fire Resort required a larger door opening to move material from their loading dock to a storage bay in their garage. Additionally they needed a lift to carry a load vertically up four feet. We handled all masonry work involved with the job and gave the Kimpton a finish they required to install their lift.



This project included transforming a hair salon into two seperate office fit outs. A fire rated demising wall was installed between the units. A full functional office kitchen, meeting room and new bathrooms were installed in both offices. Troffer lighting fixtures were removed and replaced with LED wafers to give the office a cleaner finish.


We have handled the installation of many generators on island. This includes commercial property installations as well as home installations. We have experience managing the whole process from the initial design all the way to completion, and everything in between. 


This project included re-routing of sidewalks, exterior partition walls and conduit up to a third floor electrical room. We were able to manage the installation with minimal disruption to tenants occupying the space. An extensive re-configuration of the electrical rooms and systems was included in the scope of work. 




The Galleria Plaza Garbage enclosure is 32 feet long and contains three large Garbage hoppers. The enclosure was built with the idea of being able to easily clean the space. This project included plumbing and infrastructure works such as running high pressure water lines and drainage.




The Caribbean Club asked Warren Greene, Ltd to build aesthetically pleasing cement benches by the front door of the Club. We have experience and are use to operating in highly trafficked areas with many guests. As always, we completed this work on time and under budget with minimal disruptions.





We have extensive experience laying pavers in many areas around island. We have laid acres of pavers on dozens of sites. We work with clients come up with a color, pattern scheme as well as the more technical matters that many contractors overlook, such as integration with various civil works.